Sell Your Chometz from the safety of your home.

In a typical year when selling chametz in person with a local Rov, neither the Rov nor any of his assistants actually buy the chametz from you, they merely act as your power of attorney to facilitate the sale of your chametz to a non-jew.

Does the Rav buy the chometz?

No, Rabbonim do not buy the chometz. The individual only appoints a Rav as an agent to sell his chometz to a non-Jew on his behalf.

Is selling chametz online in accordance with Halacha?

Yes, as stated above, the Rav is not actually buying anything from you. Therefore, a formal “kinyan” method of acquisition is not needed.

Is the sale being facilitated via a qualified Rav?

Yes, the sale is being carried out by one of the established Rabbonim in Lakewood NJ, whom many of the local Rabbonim use as well.

Do I have to sell the chametz at my business?

Yes, chametz that is owned by a Jewish business must also be sold for the duration of Pesach.

Do I have to take the chametz out of my house or storage?

No. Place all of the chametz in a secure location on your property and cover the area so that it is not visible.

Can I sell chametz that is in my freezer?

Yes. Indicate its location on the chametz sale form and ensure that it cannot be accidentally accessed during Passover.

I live in Los Angeles CA. Can I sell My Chometz on this site?

Yes. While the cut of time is 8 PM EDT, the Rav accounts for all US time zones on Motzei Pesach when buying back the Chometz.

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