All Shtaros have been Submitted.

The sale of the Chometz will be completed Today (Apr. 8 2020) at 10:20 AM EDT.

The Chometz will be bought back & permissible for You on April 16 9:15 PM EDT.

in accordance with halachah from the safety of your home.

It's fast, easy, and secure.

Chometz will be sold by a Lakewood Rav. The Latest time to sell Chometz for 2020 on this site will be April, 8 at 9:00 AM EDT. (Note: Extended Hours)

Does the Rav buy the chometz?

No, Rabbonim do not buy the chometz. The individual only appoints a Rav as an agent to sell his chometz to a non-Jew on his behalf.

Is selling chametz online in accordance with Halacha?

Yes, as stated above, the Rav is not actually buying anything from you. Therefore, a formal “kinyan” method of acquisition is not needed.

Is the sale being facilitated via a qualified Rav?

Yes, the sale is being carried out by one of the established Rabbonim in Lakewood NJ, whom many of the local Rabbonim use as well.

Do I have to sell the chametz at my business?

Yes, chametz that is owned by a Jewish business must also be sold for the duration of Pesach.

Do I have to take the chametz out of my house or storage?

No. Place all of the chametz in a secure location on your property and cover the area so that it is not visible.

Can I sell chametz that is in my freezer?

Yes. Indicate its location on the chametz sale form and ensure that it cannot be accidentally accessed during Passover.

I live in Los Angeles CA. Can I sell My Chometz on this site?

Yes. While the cut of time is 8 PM EDT, the Rav accounts for all US time zones on Motzei Pesach when buying back the Chometz.

For any other questions or comments, please Contact Us.